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Blinging out a bike?

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So far I've put all pink cables, a pink saddle, a pink seat post collar, and pink grips on my wife's bike. I'm thinking of throwing on a pink bash guard as well, but I'm curious what else you all have done to your bikes. Not trying to swap out major components as her bike is really well set up as of now.
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mmm danger boy....

I also have matching salsa skewers, handlebar end caps, and QR

Oh, and did it myself, hubby thinks I am nuts.
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ESI makes pink grips, too.

Pink isn't my thing, but I love bling :D

Crap, I really didn't mean for that to rhyme.
Nice ladies! Thanks for the great suggestions.
My mtb and road bike are pimped out with pink bling. The bike shop owner where I got them from is an excellent designer in bike bling. His rule of thumb is keep the bling in a triangle - three points of color. On my mtb I have a custom painted fork, pink cables, and pink grips. On the road bike it's similar - pink cables, pink handlebar tape and pink H20 cages. I have LOVED pink since I popped out of the womb but realize you don't want to go too over board with it.

If you want to pick up a pair of pink Dangerboy levers for cheap ping me. I have a brand new pair I never used on my old Santa Cruz.

Hope offers pink brake sets and I've heard rumors a whole line of pink components are coming out in 2010 from Shimano.

I've also been know to bling my bikes out with pink flower stickers. My pink hibiscus and "Ride Like A Girl" stickers have lasted for over two years.
where do yall get your danger boy brake levers?
I can't believe this thread has only one picture... without a photo it never happened.

C'mon ladies show off the rides!
I'm a big fan of straitline. This is my new bike so not much on it re: bling but the pedals.
Have pink grips and pink duct tape over used tired for chainslap protection and then theres always the pink zipties.


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I have blinged out my bike with a little pink. I have pink cables, pink hope breaks, and pink I9 wheels. The pink rotors are cool with flowers in them. I love the wheels the most. Thought about going with the pink headset, but it was the wrong shade of pink and clashed with the wheels. So no pink headset for me.

These are photos before the pink cables.


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