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I havent been part of the Ellsworth "family" for much more than 6 months.
I certainly havent taken the time to read each and every post that has ever been made on this forum. The contempt that a number of people on this forum have for Blackfly is just incomprehensible.

I am NOT trying to ignite another long debate about why all of this contempt exists, why not just bury the hatchet, let bygons be bygons and get over it.

This is an open forum, where a range of people who have a range of experiences express a range of opinions. I for one feel very fortunate that such an open forum exists. Despite the fact that i may not agree with everything everyone says, i still very much appreciate the opportunity to field my own opinions and experiences and hear those of others.

I just cant understand the contempt. If you disagree with what the guy says, fine, post a retort. But give the name calling a rest, take the moral high road, move on. And if what he says really incites that much anger...ignore him.

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