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Hi guys,

This situation started sadly but it just had a happy ending thanks to Bobby at Warranty Assistance, Asnwer Products.

I was adjusting my front disk caliper when I heard a "clack" sound. I decided to completely remove the bolt and found that the inside thread from the upper post was strip out :(

My fork has less than 2 years so I went to the Answer Product site and sent an e-mail from there.

Today I called because I didn't receive any answer and the person who answer the call, Bobby, already knew my problem since I just identify myself. He already sent me an e-mail but maybe I entered the wrong address (I used the Web Form).

The solution: they're going to send me a replacement casing for my fork at no cost for me. In the meantime... ligth running until I get my fork well repair. :D

Great for Answer / Manitou!!

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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