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Black Mrkt Riot VS 357.

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I'm not really up on a lot of the current bike parts/cost on these style bikes. I'm coming from a BMX park/street background. So I'm just wondering if it's worth spending the extra $500 or so for the Riot?
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In my opinion it is worth the upgrade in frame difference, fork difference and other parts.
Cool, I was pretty much set on the Riot, just wondered if the extra $$$ were justified. Thanks :thumbsup:
I think so too. From what I understand the frame material is better with the Riot than the 357. But, the Mob is above the Riot. I have never compared the specs on the completes, but believe the Riot to be a better made frame.
The .357 is a straight gauge tubeset all around. The Riot uses a butted tubeset. Not sure of the entire frame is butted but the mainframe is. That adds to a bit lighter frame with a better compliance feel. The parts you can read the differences on the build list. Major difference is the fork.

The Mob uses custom swaged and butted Supertherm CrMo and welded in CA by S&M. I had a brand new Riot frame on a custom build. I got a chance to get a new Mob for really good $ and updraded. It was a HUGE difference in feel. I am not sure if the difference from a .357 to a Riot is as great, but I know I felt an incredible difference. Same sized frames on the same parts build. Felt like a totally different bike. Love it.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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