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Black Market Mob Cranks / Sprocket

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I need help in ordering the correct Profile Crank for my Black Market Mob 22.5 Frame. The bike will be used for Pump Track / DJ only. 6.0' / 175

2010 Atomlabs Pimplite Wheels: Rear Wheel is 10 X 135 hub with a SS conversion kit.

Sprocket: Could I run a 30T - 32T or should I stick with a 28T Tree?

Profile Web Site:
Should I order a Race Crank Kit (175mm or 180mm Arms, GDH Chrome Moly Spindle 6" RHD); and a Euro BB CONVERSION KIT( Everything you need to convert your Profile Race Cranks to an English/European Style bottom bracket - Converts BMX crankset to MTB crankset - Two Threaded Cups, Four bearings, Tube spacers, Cone Spacers, Aluminum Spacers. Sizes 68/73, 73/83, 83/100)?

Other Web Sites:
Purchase a Profile Crank set; and either a Euro BB with a Spindle or without a Spindle?

Thank you.
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You will want the 68/73 aluminum tube spacer.

Yes, you want the Euro BB, appears the euro conversion is just that. You of course will need to get a spindle of the correct length. Arm length is up to you. At 6 foot, you may want to consider the longer ones.

Those blkmrkt frames have pretty tight clearance around the chainstays... I would stick with the smaller sprocket.
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