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I just got my first rigid SS a few months ago, and I'm lovin' it big time! However, now I have two geared bikes that don't get much use. I'm contemplating selling my other bikes because I can't seem to justify keeping them and I can really use the money. I just don't want to sell them and end up regretting that I did.

Should I have a monogamous relationship with my SS or does the SS love affair eventually end? I can't be the only guy that's faced this dilemma...what have you all done? Thanks in advance for any advice.
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thin the herd

I was hesitant myself at first, but now for off-road, the only time I ever forsee going back to gears is when my knees inevitably combust in about 25 years. I imagine derailleurs will have long been relegated to the past by then anyways.
I have a SS and a Blur and life is pretty good. I think the perfect setup would be a single speed and a beefy trail bike like a Heckler or 5 Spot.
I still dont have the huevos to go SS all the time, so I maintain my gearie for the hairy stuff (Long rides, big climbs etc) Call me a big sissy, or a non traditional non traditionalist, but I will keep em both. Although I do love the stares when I roll past people on the fixie, and you cant beat the simplicity factor.
There can be only one:

After converting my hardtail I sold my two FS bikes after wiping a years worth of garage dust off of them. I also sold my shifters and all the stuff I pullled off of my hardtail on ebay. made a bunch - enough to get a new fork and some cool parts for my SS

I have not regretted that decision - that was almost 2 years ago. The only thing I want now is a new SS project which I will be pursuing soon.

Go for it - Thin the herd
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