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Bishop area riding advice.

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We were thinking of heading up to the eastern Sierras.
Probably near Bishop.
Any links or advice would be appreciated.
Camping, riding etc. Rides from 15 to 40 miles. Prefer more Alpine settings.

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I think you would get more Alpine settings in Mammoth Lakes area. There are a lot of trails on USFS land in that area that aren't in the bike park. There is still a lot of snow in the area. I tried riding the Mountain View trail from the Minaret Summit and should have brought snow shoes last Saturday.

There is camping in the Twin Lakes area of Mammoth and you can reserve some sites and first come first serve others. The scenery there is much more beautiful than Bishop. I fish Bishop and the Owens every year and Bishop is almost desert like and much more hotter during the summer. It is a nice small town to frequent when passing through the 395 though.

Here is a link to some trails not in the Bike Park, which can be crowded on weekends. There are a lot of family friendly trails listed.

This is the view of part of the Twin Lakes Area. (taken on 6/20/09)

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Lower Rock Creek

This is an awesome ride between Bishop and Mammoth right off the 395. Well worth the stop. Most people do this as a shuttle since it is out and back (up and down?), but if you want to ride the whole thing, I suggest starting at the bottom and ride to the top near the highway and then back down to the car. Nobody warned me and I did it the oppisite way, not as much fun.
2nd Rock Creek Trail

I've done it once from the Rock Creek Lake to the bottom. But we were lucky and someone from the camp ground shuttled us.
I have done the Mammoth thing. Not really into lifts or shuttles.
Have a condo up at Mammoth, prefer Bishop rides either early AM or late PM this time of year for Rock Creek runs. I like to time it for a 6 pm arrival at the bottom of Rock Creek on the drive up, ride up, then come back down to the car, then finish up the rest of the drive to Mammoth. Makes for a great way to break up the monotony of the drive up from LA.

There's not a lot of good single track around Mammoth on National Forest Service property. Had a season pass last year, got kind of burned out shuttling and riding all the same trails over, and over and over... 16 days worth. I guess I like to pedal uphill for the cardiovascular workout and the endorphins..
1. Lower Rock Creek is the most fun ST in the entire area. Some say to shuttle, but really it's not a bad road climb...It took Greg (TCB) and I a little less then 2 hours to climb. Super fun and very scenic route...only a handful of technical spots.

2. In Bishop Coyote Ridge. approximately 6500’ ascent / 3000’ descent (high point 11,090. This route is brutal on the climb and offers a great amount of both fireroads and ST up top. Be aware that you need to take some good maps for this one.

3. Silver Canyon Climb. Takes you to the top of White Mountain peak. All loose fireroad and a BEAST to climb. If you can have someone shuttle you to White Mountain you'd have about a 8,000 DH run from hell.

4. The Buttermilk area offers little in the way of ST but it's a beautiful area with great views.
Thanks for the info guys.

Any links to maps or info on the Buttermilk or Bishop Coyote Ridge rides?
Haha. I was just going to post a "MTB in Mammoth" thread. My wife and I are going at the end of August for a little MTB R&R. I went to Mammoth for the first time last year and this year will be my first MTB excursion there. We'll probably hit the park for sh!ts and giggles while we get use to the altitude but we're planning a couple day rides around Lake Crowley and Lake Mary. Thanks for posting up those links, Howler.
Another thanks! My wife is from Bishop and we go there often to visit family. My brother-in-law used to ride and race in Mammoth but nowadays its hunting and fishing and the family. Other than that no one rides that I know of. They're all about hunting, farming and fishing. I get tired of lower rock creek after a couple times and haven't found anything better. The website should help me out when it gets too crazy at the in-laws.

Howeler said:
My wife picked a great book that has a lot of Mammoth MTB trails.
It's called, oddly enough, Mountain Biking Mammoth.
check it out on Amazon
Good maps and descriptions worth the $15 bux.
+1 on the book, my sister-in-law got me that some time ago but i haven't had time to venture off myself to ride for long expiditions.

robbyracer said:
My wife picked a great book that has a lot of Mammoth MTB trails.
It's called, oddly enough, Mountain Biking Mammoth.
check it out on Amazon
Good maps and descriptions worth the $15 bux.
I love it in bishop!
The only trails I knew about were rock creek and inyo craters loop.
(and Mamoth) I go camping at Glass Creek every spring and then go Jeeping all over.
Looking forward to trying out more trails and Shats bakery:)
Shats Bakery! And don't forget Mahogany Meats for the best beef jerky.
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