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Birthday Gift New 2006 Juicy Carbons - Mavic CrossMax NoDisks

I received as a gift unexpectedly!?!? a set of 2006 Juicy Carbons... at least thats how im describing them. Currently ride a ticustom hard tail cross country bike with an adequate mount in the RLC in the front. I have been somewhat of a traditionalist and this is my first set of Discs on my Cross Country bike. (i do have some shimanos on my rigid singlespeed, but I dont ride it nearly as hard as my xc bike)

Heres my question - maybe be a little ignorant,

Wheels are not disk ready. Being a traditionalist this used to be a deal killer, and a new set of wheels or hubs was required to mount the rotors. I have a pair of Mavic CrossMaxs and think im needin a new setawheels? For as long as Ive known theres no rebuilding cross maxs its all or nothin. Is there any sort of hub conversion? Will that result in a wheel whith less integrity? How will those wheels hold up with disks?
Anybody have experience here. I need some basic education. Thanks

Your feed back is appreciated, I checked out FAQ but no luck here.
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