BikeYoke REVIVE 185mm Dropper Post

Taller riders will rejoice at the launch of a new 185mm dropper post.​

After launching 125mm and 160mm on-the-fly bleedable dropper posts at the beginning of the year, BikeYoke's highly regarded REVIVE is now available with 185mm of drop.

Due to a low stack height of 41mm and the short overall length, the 185mm version should be able to find its way into many frames of taller riders who desire more travel than what's currently available. Deliveries of the 185mm version will start mid-August. Press play to learn more.

Besides the new travel option, all BikeYoke REVIVE posts have received some other interesting new updates, including the new Microvalve, which is a small membrane that sits inside the outer oil/air chamber and is there to minimize the chance of air getting inside the inner chamber where it causes a springy post.

BikeYoke REVIVE 185mm Dropper Post

Unlike an IFP, the Microvalve membrane is installed statically and offers just enough resistance to air not passing it, i.e. when you put the post upside down or lay it down. However, when you drop or raise the post, the pressure will easily bend the membrane, so that oil can pass and won´t affect REVIVE´s smooth action. This membrane will effectively reduce the frequency between required resets, while keeping the reset procedure and actuation of the post itself smooth and easy.

BikeYoke REVIVE 185mm Dropper Post

BikeYoke is now offering their REVIVE droppers with an integrated mini reset lever.​

Also noteworthy is the REVIVE´s unique reset feature (see video below) that initially was activated by the turn of a 4mm Allen key. However, many users asked for an integrated reset-lever, so BikeYoke now offers their REVIVEs with an integrated mini lever, which can be attached to the post in place of the Allen Key. The mini-lever is secured by an O-ring and users can choose to keep it on the post or take it off for a cleaner look.

BikeYoke REVIVE 185mm Dropper Post

BikeYoke's REVIVE droppers are known for their smooth, consistent action.​

This new mini lever is also retro-fittable so owners of current REVIVE versions can get it directly from BikeYoke´s online store. And since the design of the reset mechanism did not change, the reset feature of the new REVIVEs can still be activated by a 4mm Allen key. The mini lever will be included in all posts in the fall and can be ordered directly from BikeYoke.

Finally, BikeYoke has noticed that many riders want to customize their bikes and have thus decided to offer the REVIVE as a post-only only option, allowing the user to choose their own remote. Of course, they'd like to see their posts being used with a BikeYoke remote. But ultimately they want to leave the choice with the customer. If they´re happy with their current remote, they're happy to supply the post.

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