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So, I've been slacking on getting a work stand. Really want the Feedback Sports pro elite or whatever it's called, top of the line stand.

$260 at Performance. Yikes.

Somehow I stumble upon which I wouldn't even think would have the stand, but BAM! They have the stand for $220 + 15% off tools!

That's the business. I also got the Park headset cup remover I needed since my brass pipe tool bent like crazy. All for $215 shipped!


Anyway, get on it if you need some tools or a beautiful bike stand.
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Either they're all gone or I'm blind...

because the only tools I can find is a cheap looking "build kit" for $29. Sounds like a very good deal though.
I just purchased the Feedback Sports Pro-Elite Bicycle Repair Stand without tote bag at Jensen USA for $206.99 including shipping.

You just have to shop around and find a valid online offer that Jensen will price match. I had been wanting to try out Jensen since Universal has been getting most of my business.
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