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This does represent the type of beam patterns that we have seen from these two products, the 900 has a little more intensity in the center hotspot but that 20 degree optic on the Ray III provides a really large well lit area. The Bikeray Ray III is a great package for barmounting with the 20 degree optics. Thanks for sharing the beamshots :thumbsup:

sam2391 said:
Not my pictures but shows the difference well.

Bikeray III

They were taken on a iPhone so not the best quality and I dont think they show the real power, but the guy selling them was good enough to do this comparison for me.

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...Just so people understand....I don't think the photo's here are doing any of the two light systems justice. Lost here is the over all intensity of the output(s). Basically you are seeing two beam shots that were taken looking down from a higher view point ( stairs or deck I take it ) and pointed down toward the ground. Also lost here is the reach of the throw ( on both ). To get a better understanding of what these two lights offer you are going to have run the beams along the ground in a more standard (MTB) fashion. You will need more room to do this and ( need I say..) ..a much better camera. :thumbsup:
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