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Ever wanted to do the Coconino Loop? Craters and Cinders Loop? AZT from Flagstaff to Grand Canyon? What about backpacking around Sedona, or even the Black Canyon Trail?

I've got a 2018 Surly Karate Monkey Size Medium I'm offering up as a bikepacking setup.

2018 Surly Karate Monkey Hi-Viz Black
Size Medium
2017 Fox 34 FIT4 275+ 120mm with DSD Runt (fits 275x3.8 or 29x3)
Sun Ringle Duroc 50 w SRX hubs
Schwalbe Rocket Ron 275x3.0
Shimano SLX 1x10
Shimano Hydraulic Brakes

You can RENT or buy this bike.

Rental rates are $65/day or $300 for a week. That's cheaper than most local shop rentals for low-end alloy hardtails.

Buy the whole bike (without bikepacking gear) for $1800.

I'll soon have this bike setup with nearly everything you need to put together a great bikepacking adventure. The bike has 275 x 3" tires, 120mm Fox 34 fork, 1x10 setup, frame bag, handlebar bag, seat bag, tent, stove, water filter, and lights. Cages for Nalgenes, too. All you need is a sleeping bag, food, water and time.

I can also work as a fee-based shuttle within an hour's drive of Flagstaff.
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