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Hey there,

buddies and I are looking into a CO/UT road trip sometime next year. I would come in from NJ, two folks would come in internationally.

We are looking into flying into Denver or Salt Lake City, maybe something local like Montrose or so; but all comes down to vehicle options.

Driving out for me would 3 days one way from the East Coast, but would solve the bike transport question as I can haul 3 bikes with my car and still have space for their two folded bike bags and suitcases...

With me flying out too, we would be looking at 3 bike bags (somewhat foldable Evoc) and three suitcases... and obviously the three assembled bikes that we would have to transport.

Any ideas on where to rent a suitable vehicle, such as a Sprinter,, Transit etc. ideally one-way? Or are there even options to one-way rent a bike rack so an Expedition or so with hitch would do the job? Ideally that carrier rental would be one-way, but return at rental location would also work if needed...

A truck is not an option as s stuff is sitting widely open, considering weather and long fingers...
Was thinking even of a U-Haul but airport logistics would stink too.

In an ideal scenario we would find a one-way rental option for a 9-seater van in the region, but I'm getting kinda frustrated with only crossover rental options at the big rental companies.

Any thoughts??

This is a picture how we handled an Alps road trip this year in a Ford Tourneo 9-seater. That EU "luxury" version of a Transit is similar size (maybe a bit smaller) than a Transit with a low roof. Was perfect with the seats taken out and stored locally. This is from Hertz, but everybody and their mother will rent you something in that size (even from an airport) over there...

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Just be aware that most rental cars do not have hitches on the for a rack. On one occasion, I noticed the factory default hitch removed from a full sized SUV I rented.
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