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Wanted to give a thumbs up to this shop. I just bought as set of AM classic MTB 26 tubeless 2010 wheels for $514 with 3day shipping.

On top of that 10% of my purchase was forwarded as a credit to my next order. So I basically just got a set of Conti xKing Racesport tires for half price.

They seem to have good weekly and daily deals. One caveat is that their MTB selection is not nearly as good as many other sites. But it you find the right item chances are you can get a good deal on it.

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YeS! Bike Tires Direct has this grocery store like club thing, whereas you get credit towards future purchases. I just saved $2.73 on a tire I ordered....

OK, so its not that much, but its better than a poke in the eye. Also their 650b tire selection STINKS!!!!
But if you are a "normal" rider being 26er or 29er or 20'er, they have a good variety. - Discount bicycle tires, components and accessories
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