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Bike swap in Fort Collins at the Rio tonight (Friday, 2/11)

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Should be good deals, good friends, and good food / beverages.

Last year, I picked up a new set of Ergon grips for $3 and a 29'er Ruby for cheap.

Rio Agave Room
144 W. Mountain

6:30 - 10:30pm
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Is it worth driving up from Denver for?
BaeckerX1 said:
Is it worth driving up from Denver for?
Its not Veloswap, but I understand they have about 40 tables rented. I would not have driven from Denver just for the grip deal last year, but the fork made it a pretty good night. Last year there were several local racers getting rid of previous year's equipment. I hear there may be some snowboards and other outdoor equipment, too.

I wouldn't blow off a hot date for it, but if you don't have any plans and your car doesn't cost too much to drive, it is a fun evening with some cool people.

And the Rio margs are pretty good, but that could prohibit the drive back to Denver.
Was really packed tonight, but saw quite a few deals. Just had to dig for them.

Small Yeti ASR frame with Fox fork for $700.
XTR / Mavic wheels with tires in near new shape for $200.
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