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Hello all,

I've read a lot of your posts, and most seem to be somewhat to very knowlegable about mountain bikes. So I'm calling for your help as you all are most generous with. As far as strength and intended purpose, I know very little about the bikes that are currently on the market. So, I needs me an edjuhmuhkashun.

Here's my situation...
I'm 42yo and trying to get back in shape and would love to acheive fitness through mountain biking. Right now I weigh 320lbs and will probably bottom out at around 230. I'm 5'7" with a large frame and lots of muscle mass. Especially in the legs. Yes, I'm a fireplug. But in my mind, I'm one of those whippy 6' 180lb guys that can rock climb like a monkey and pedal a bike up a 20% grade for 2 hours straight.

Before my last bike was stolen (about 7 years ago) I would ride for miles on relatively flat trails. Not much in the way of downhill, uphill, or technical riding. I'm not sure if I'll change that, but I'd like to know I have enough bike to handle it if I did decide to do some more technical mountain trails. Right now I'm riding a fully stock Trek 3900. I know, I know...a glorified yard sale special compared to most or your rides. But it's clean, in good shape, and only cost me $160. I'm thinking about passing it along to my dad and getting something that can take my current weight on up to level 4-6 (out of 10) trails.

I've been looking at a 2000 Gary Fisher Sugar 2. I've been reading some reviews and have liked what I've read UNTIL...someone advised against this bike for those weighing over 210 lbs. Would that apply to my light to medium duty style of riding?

What I'd prefer in a bike...
Full suspension with the geometry to minimize pedal bob
Disc brakes (cable or hydraulic whichever you suggest). V-brakes would be ok too if disc isn't easily available.
Lightweight (I'll be pulling enough of my own weight, don't need extra)
Obviously durable
Decent components (don't need bleeding edge equipment, but they need to perform well)
Price should be under $1500

I'm open to used (not abused) and older models. Perhaps a build it myself equipment list is in order here. I don't mind shopping ebay (or the like) for the necessary parts.
I'm open to any and all suggestions you may offer.

Thank you.

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You might want to look around in the "Clydesdales/Tall Riders" area:

One concern is that suspension parts (fork and shock) may run out of adjustment range at your weight.

Something like a Kona Hoss hardtail is a pretty common suggestion for heavier guys.
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