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Hey folks,

Please be on the lookout for this bike unique to the Austin area:

Posting on behalf of a friend. This bike is unique for the Austin area as it has long travel and a coil shock. Any info on the whereabouts is welcome and a reward will be paid for it's safe return. Please mail adam dot leedy at gmail dot com with any leads.

The bike is a 2007 Specialized SX trail with a white Marzocchi 66 fork, white bars/stem, and pink oury grips.

It was stolen sometime between 6:30PM and 10:00PM on Monday night from the corner of 2nd and Attayac just a couple blocks east of I-35. The bike was covered in mud from a trip to New Mexico last weekend. I was able to follow tracks of mud south on Attayac and then east on Caesar Chavez for a total of about 6 blocks. The thief would have been carrying a set of bolt cutters I assume they cut the lock very cleanly.
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