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Bike stolen need replacement, Slayer?

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Well my MTB is gone and I need to replace it. I've ridden hardtails for a long time now and have been thinking about a full suspension. I've ridden quite a few and was thinking about an RM slayer or something similar but I'm not sure what's all out there anymore. Riding is primarily trail riding here in the front range and in Moab, Fruita etc. Don't want a downhill bike and will not be hucking the crap out of it but it will see plenty of 6 ft and under drops. Must climb decently.

Is the slayer class what I'm really after or is something the next step down in travel better suited for me? I'm plenty confident landing the stuff I do on a hard tail but I want a FS to eliminate some of the shock on the multiday, big mile Moab trips.

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Check the thread I have going

Some of the bikes there might interest you.
the slayer is a very good choice it climbs very well, and its a blast on the downhills, its got almost 5 inches in the back and its pretty beefy so it can handle some drops like you are describing. i love how mine handles, but you have to be careful because the toptube is a little shorter than usual, but it makes the bike feel very good to me
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