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Hi all,

i will be visiting NYC the second week of december and was hoping to check out some bike shops.
In particular i am looking for any lbs that carries plenty of protective gear, especially knee/shin pads and body armor that i can try before i buy.

Can anybody here point me to the right stores in manhatten (or even surroundings)?

Much appreciated!

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Your best options for shops that usually keep armor in stock:

Bay Ridge Bicycles (in Brooklyn)-

Sid's Bikes (in Manhattan)-

Tread Bike Shop (in northern Manhattan)-

Paragon Sporting goods (in Manhattan)-

But stock varies, so you might want to call each shop before making the trip... Paragon especially might not carry armor during the winter, as their biking selection seems to be very seasonal.

I'm sure there are other shops that keep it in stock, but these are a place to start...
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