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Bike Riding - Similiar to Athletic Workouts? - Days Off?

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Short and simple question?

Should XC or mountain bike riding in general be done like the atheltes? They work legs one day and then take a day off legs (while working upper body and visa versa).

Anybody use an alternating day schedule?

Curious to this... I've been riding daily and feel like I am super weak right now.

Looking for insight. Thanks,
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I don't think its AS serious as something like weight lifting in that you needt o take every other day off, however, it is definitely possible (and quite likely) that if you go every day you will burn yourself out. I usually ride consecutive days for a week and then take a day off or a couple days of just easy rides around campus or something to get my strength back. Lots of riding followed by easy riding followed again by lots of riding in a cycle of a few days to a week usually work for me.
back when i was an absolute fanatic, i'd ride sat/sun-tues-thurs hard while commuting by bike as well.

personally, i don't like to ride full power on consecutive days.
You should...

alternate your workout rides. Shorter Interval rides sandwiched in between easy paced long rides. Beginners should take a couple of days off a week. That is if you are doing it for a race goal or speed goal. If you are riding to enjoy riding then ride when you want and don't when you don't feel like it.
I am no racer, or even a fit person... but have noticed that I need easy days or even non-riding days.

Sometimes I just feel that I have not recovered from previous days' riding. Then I might just ride easy (commute, go to the library) or do something completely different like go for a swim or walk. A rainy day or family obligations might also give me a reason to take a break from riding.

Invariably, I feel stronger after an easy day.
It depends on how you ride. I consider pushing myself at a race similar to a session at the gym lifting weights, some recovery time is needed.
If I am just cruising around town or having fun on local trails, I dont feel the need to take a day off.
For me its all about how I feel. I have years of experience training in different disciplines, so I feel and understand what my body is telling me. The most important thing is to keep at it and get out there. :)
It takes a while to get to the point where pushing yourself hard doesnt leave you the next day feeling in your leg muscles like you did a bunch of squats. If it really feels ripped (you really pushed yourself hard the day before) dont push through it, same ideas behind lifting, you dont want to re rip healing muscles, as thats the time when the acual strength is built.
I'm by no means in great shape, but what works for me is a long hard (2-2.5 hours) ride two days a week (thurs & sun) , and shorter rides (45 min-1 hour) 2 days a week (tues & fri) at a leisurely pace. After some trial and error I've found this works best to build some fitness but not expose myself to overtraining injuries. Of course, YMMV
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