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Bike Rental in/or around Pittsburgh??

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Hey, My girlfriend and I are looking to rent or borrow two cross country mountain bikes in or around Pittsburgh or Washington, PA. We'll be there from the 18th to the 23rd of July.

It's been slim pickin's online at the bike shops, any help as to where we might find a couple of demo bikes or if you have extras to rent, I'd glady repay with microbrew.
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We rent MTB's at Seven Springs. Kona Fire Mountains, Kikapus or Trek 4900's.
Trek of Pittsburgh

In Robinson Twp "demos" Fishers and treks for 35-45 bucks a day. Nice ones too- 29ers, Fat Possums, etc...
Cool! Thanks for the info, we can check it out on the way in from tha airport.
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