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'm planning to go on a Mountain Bike trip to Tahoe with my friends. The main place were going to go is North Star, but there's one problem. Me and my other friend have XC bikes, and none of us are 18. So, 3 questions:

1. Is there any way to rent bikes at North Star w/o being 18 (i know you can still buy passes if you have your parents sign the release form)

2. Are there any places to rent/demo a FR or AM bike (needs to have GOOD travel) any where in or around Marin.

3. If there is a way to rent bikes at North Star, would a Cannondale Super V be able to handle Downieville (Planning to hopefully make it to downieville)

Any help/advice would be great. Also, if anyone has any suggestions on campgrounds, that would also be cool. Thanks.
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