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Bike Path Wreck

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One day after arriving at Hilton Head Island to spend a week helping my dad recover from a knee replacement, I hop on a beach cruiser to ride down to the local pool. The route involves nothing more than a mile of paved, flat bike path. On my way back from the pool, I'm cruising along when I see a young girl pedaling straight towards me (oncoming). She swerves and I swerve the same way, and I realize that we're going to collide head-on. My instincts take over and I try to squeeze the brakes, but of course there are no brakes to squeeze, only coasters. We collide and both go down. After making sure multiple times that she is OK, I apologize, as does she, and we head off in our different directions.

It seems amazing that after years of slaloming through ATVS, jeeps, other riders, hikers and every other form of Moab mayhem, I come to Hilton Head and crash into another rider not ten minutes into my ride. I guess I need to practice my coaster brake skills. :)

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most dangerous riding

Those who track bicycle accident statistics will tell you that a multi-use "bike path" is the most dangerous place you will ever ride. More dangerous than sharing the road with rushhour traffic, or riding technical singletrack. That's a fact. Yet you see riders on bike paths going bare headed all the time, even though they'd never ride the road or go mtbing without a helmet.
Haha, good one Tim! On my recent 10-day trip to BC, my worst scrapes came from a no-speed crash on the paved bike path.

Rock drops, no problem. Flat bike paths, look out!

P.S. - Did you get those photos I sent? I found one more, this one is even of you! I'll send you a higher-res version if you want it.



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Ah, the Silver Bullitt......

That Tim sure can ride, eh? Not even a pucker mark in that tightly stretched fabric!

Remeber those safe driver commercials from the 60s or 70s where they said "Watch out for the other guy"?

I figure somebody has to BE the other guy, so just maintain your course and let everyone else swerve. You can see what being too polite cost Tim!

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