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Bike Parks in the Springs, Boulder????

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So I'm attending CSU this fall and spring semester and I heard about two different bike parks in Colorado Springs and Boulder and didn't know really anything about them considering it seems like they don't really like to update people about the progress of the park. They were the Valmont Bike Park and the Red Rock Canyon freeride park.

I know the Valmont is mainly cycolocross park right now, but didn't know what the status was on the freeride part/any downhill trails, and I've only seem some beginner pictures on the Red Rock Canyon park, so I'm a bit lost on what the parks status is.

I'm a pretty avid mountain biker who lives in Highlands Ranch. I have some good skills park skills and love downhill/freeride. Any info on those bike parks or any others that are around would be awesome. Thanks!
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Valmont has yet to be built...

(before you know it these parks will be springing up all over the place).
Boulder has: Research Park, The Fix DJ's, and Gunbarrel. All really fun.

[McCoy] Good god man, get out of of Highlands Ranch and live some [/McCoy]
Red Rock Canyon has three loose jumps (that needed a good coat of snowpack) and some stunts. We also have the MTB board park with larger jumps, and a city run jump spot that could use some dirt and love.
thanks for some of the info... so it looks like I'll be driving far to the parks to get some good fun. I don't know if you heard about the Idaho Velodrome, but I used to ride there so it's hard finding something that good right in your backyard pretty much. Also jason where in Red Rocks are those jumps at the board park?
Valmont is happening

Grading has started at the Valmont site and cyclocross is a big part of the plan, but it is going to be so much more. The current plan includes 3 slopestyle courses (begineer-advanced), dual slalom, expert and begineer pump tracks and expert and begineer dirt jumps. At this point nothing is final. The design team has worked extremely hard to make this a first in the world. The bar has been set really high in terms of safety and sustainability. The 100% documents are submitted and have gone out to bid for the selection of a trail contractor.

Site plan:

Go to the BMA website, show your support and voice your desire for gravity riding in the park. The cyclocross community is vocal here. We need to do the same. The possibility of those trails going away is very real.
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