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So I am finally upgrading from an old gary fisher paragon hard tail and I am looking at either a FS rocky mountain elemEnt 950 RSL or a hardtail Marin team Cxr pro xt. Both are great online deals on last years models but I have some questions.

i am 6'1" 175 lbs and have a 34" inseam. Riding mostly in Rhode Island and want to start some low end racing but nothing too serious. My old bike is a size large and measures 20". Never felt like I needed a FS bike but I probably don't ride the gnarlier stuff around here just because I am on a hardtail currently. Not opposed to staying on one though as most of the FS bikes I've tried feel pretty slushy.

The rocky is a size large but measures only 18.5 inches and I hear they run a bit a small. The Marin is an XL and is a 22" frame. I think either would work but I need to choose between a slightly small FS bike or a slightly big hardtail.

Also, before anyone says go to a bike shop and try one out, my local shops sell mostly low end trek and specialized rigs with bad component set ups for the money. I've looked at a bunch locally and the deals don't come close to what I can get online.

what should I do and why?
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