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Some of you met my buddy Dincer at the Kennedy turkey ride. He is going back to Turkey in May after finishing his study here.

The best thing he has done here has been mountain biking. Yay! :)

He is currently riding my wife's bike but it's too small for him. He is 5'11. We are looking for options to get him on a bigger and trailworthy bike.

- Get a cheap bike: We looked at a Trek 3700 for $350 but at least the fork and the tires are basically useless at that price range. :(

- Get a used bike and sell it later: I haven't seen good deals on Craigslist. Should we go to a used bike shop around Stanford maybe? Where are they?

- Get a 29er rigid: I pay part or all of it. This would be actually for myself so that he leaves it to me when he goes back to Turkey. I am not sure how fun it will be for a beginner like him. Also, I have a wife... ;)

- Get a used bike from one of you guys: Unfortunately your bikes are all very high end and expensive even used. :p

- Rent a bike: Is there such a thing?


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I would keep checking craigslist. Deals to be had, just gotta keep checking, and gotta be fast. Deals go fast.

FYI, you can use a RSS news reader (or firefox yahoo etc) to get a constant list of all the posts on craigslist bikes classifieds. That make it much easier to snag up the deals as fast as they come.

RSS url

Can also get a rigid SS 29er for around 400. (gt peace 29er) can always add gears later if SS isnt cuting it.

Yes you can rent a bike but after 5 days have invested enough to get a cheap used bike.

Good luck
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