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Looking to establish a short list of MTBs to fit my wants for a next bike. I have some ideas but will keep to myself and see what y'all have to say.


Experienced rider, 6'3 197lbs, mid-50's
Previous bike Ripmo, 64.9 HA, great bike! Perfectly happy with the geo.


Less travel. I'm ready to trade some gnar for more efficiency and lighter weight. I'm okay having rode my last double diamond. 120-130mm target.

Will emphasize efficiency - must pedal better than most.

Carbon. In general I like light frames.

Higher stack height - 630+ if possible.

Versatile. Would like to ride easy black trails down to bikepacking mellow single-track.

Will be part of two bike quiver with Salsa Cutthroat endurance adventure racing deop bar bike.

Only bike I'll mention is the Ripley. I really like how the Ripley carbon pedals and the light feel, but prefer how the Ripley AF descends.

I have parts, will buy a frame. I'm not worried about availability, I can wait.

So how about it? What should I be thinking about making the next ride?


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Don't do it. No less travel. More travel for every ten years of age :)

I have gone from 120mm old head angle design to freeride slack 45 pound bike with 160mm travel, to carbon hardtail with 120mm, which was super light, to 130mm full suspension trail bike but still older design to the latest..............wait for it..... 160mm of slack stretched out biking fun.

I don't race. I'm almost 55. I love to go fairly fast and hit jumps (not big) and I do not mind pedaling up. I settled on a Norco Sight A1. Best bike purchase I have ever made. It just eats fast runs, rocks and hits. And it is fun to pedal uphill. Lots of bikes like this out there.

My point is that I did the shorter travel thing but I found that my body enjoys the cush way more and the new bikes out there are just so good. With that said, I was so close on the Norco Optic.
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