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Bike mania ...I need HELP!!!!!!!!!!

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Sombody stop me!

I have bike mania so far this year i have owned a
Giant VT 04
GT Flowta 04
Specialized S -works Stumpy 05
Kona Stinky 06
Kona Dawg deluxe 05 (present bike)

I keep looking for the perfect bike...there all great for one thing or another ...
I get a trail bike i wana downhiller...the down hiller is to heavey i get a lighter version...the flowta i had a bad stack on and sold...then i get the Stumpy but i miss the Downhills ..I get a Stinky ,,,,,,

God i gota stop this obssesion with bikes..

I just caught myself looking at a Cannondale Gemini....does any one else feel they need the help of cyclists anonamous.
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Who says you can only have one???

Simple solution, next time you want the big bike hold on to the small fast one instead of selling. Many people here have a rather extensive stable. Unfortunately, I am not one of them but I still think there is no pne bike to rule them all. Different bikes for different ridin, plain and simple.

Or as my grandpa would say, "Right tool for the right job." He was a smart man.

You might wanna rethink having your email as a handle, lots of spammers troll the internet looking for addresses and there is even software that crawls through webpages looking for anything connected with an @ sign. I think mzungo101 would be sufficient. Dont know how you go about changin your name though???
2 Bikes

Hmmmmmmmmmm convince the missus i need another one (frost in hell today?)

I realise the Email address was a gaff but cant find a way to change it ...Any ideas?
Ask a moderator

I forget what its called but all the way at the bottom of the forums is one for help with using these boards. Ask a question there, if I am not mistaken there was somebody asking how to change their screen name. Another good tip is to try and search for it and see what comes up.

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