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The light output measurement is performed by placing a Lux light meter beside the light. Both are pointed at the ceiling (five feet above) of a dark room. This measurement uses the ambient light produced by the bike light. We found this to be the most effective and repeatable measure of each light.

Pointing the light directly at the meter produced varying readings depending on exactly where the light beam was centered. Also, it was highly dependent on how focused the beam pattern was. Thus we chose the ambient light measurement test as the most effective for evaluating these lights.

Beam pattern comparison photos »

2012 Lights

PriceClaimed LumensMeasured
Baja Designs Double Stryk$4501800150
Baja Designs Strykr II$30095074
Baja Designs Strykr SL$34095074
Cateye Econom Force HL-EL540RC$6510013
Cateye Nano Shot$10025020
Cateye Sumo 2$450100067
Cateye Sumo 3$5501600101
Cygolite Expilion 350$11035031
Cygolite TridenX 750$35075081
DesignShine DS-1300$280130092
Dinotte 1200L$350120088
Dinotte 400L$20940040
Dinotte XML-1$16940051
Dinotte XML-3$2591200105
Exposure Diablo$30097559
Exposure Joystick$220325na
Exposure MaxxD$500128585
Exposure Six Pack$6001925135
Exposure Toro$40097566
Full-Beam Fusion£4002100157
Full-Beam Night-Nemesis£5502500168
Gemini Xera$20080071
Hope Vision 4$391100070
Jet Lites A-51$20070040
Lezyne Mini Drive$7015015
Lezyne Power Drive$9030031
Lezyne Super Drive$11045050
Light and Motion Seca 1400$7001400112
Light and Motion Urban 500$16050053
Light and Motion vis360$17011011
Lupine Betty 2050$9302050173
Lupine Betty 2300$9302300197
Lupine Betty 2600$9302600217
Lupine Piko 3$33075063
Lupine Piko TL Max$n/a75063
Lupine Piko TL Mini$n/a55041
Lupine Wilma 7$6951200
Lupine Wilma TL$5491200
Magicshine MJ-808$110100062
Magicshine MJ-858$9040024
Magicshine MJ-868$175100057
Magicshine MJ-872$1851600102
MyTinySun Sport2700x$5592700211
NiteFlux PMax 24$7002000143
NiteFlux PMini 12$500100062
Niterider Mako 1$401005
Niterider Mako 2$5013011
Niterider Minewt 600 Cordless$15060050
Niterider Pro 1500$3501500115
Niterider Pro 3000$7003000255
Niterider Pro 750$25075060
Philips SafeRide$20040039
Princeton Tec Push$5010010
Serfas True 1500$3901500133
Serfas True 500$15050043

2011 Lights

PriceClaimed LumensMeasured
Baja Designs Stryker (video)$29970052
Baja Designs Stryker Pro (video)$34570040
Dinotte 800l (video)$43980062
Exposure Diablo Mk.2 (video for all Exposure)$25090063
Exposure Joystick Mk.5$22530017
Exposure MaxxD Mk.3$450120090
Exposure Six Pack$6001800146
Exposure Spark$14022010
Exposure Strada Mk.2$35060040
Exposure Toro Mk.2$40090072
Jet Lites A-51 (video)$19970040
Light and Motion Seca 700 (video)$na70065
Light and Motion Seca 1400$6991400110
Light and Motion Vis360$16911011
Lupine Betty II 7 (video)$9301850158
Lupine Piko 3 (video)$31055045
Lupine Tesla (video)$47570051
Lupine Wilma 7 (video)$5951100103
Magicshine MJ-808 (video) - UNDER RECALL!$8590037
Niterider Minewt.250 Cordless$129250na
Niterider Minewt.350 (video)$19935019
TrailLED Darkstar (video)$420120081

2010 Lights

PriceClaimed LumensMeasured
Ayup 2010 bar V4 Adventure System (Full Review here)$23340034
Ayup 2010 helmet (Full Review here)$23340031
Baja Designs Stryker$29870052
Exposure Toro (Full Review here)$33970036
Exposure Diablo (Full Review here)$24970034
Exposure MaxxD (Full Review here)$39996048
HID Technologies Lumen8r Quad$495100060
Lupine Tesla 4 (Full Review here)$42070052
Lupine Wilma 5$45992066
Lupine Betty 7$1,0191750165
Magicshine MJ-808 (Full Review here)$8590037
Niteflux Enduro 8 Single$249540na
NiteFlux Max Extreme 20$480135070
Niterider Pro 600$49960046
Niterider Pro 1200$649120082
TrailLED Darkstar$420120081

2009 Lights

PriceClaimed LumensAmbient
Ayup Wide$25030031
Ayup Narrow$23030033
Ayup Standard$23030033
Blackburn System X4$2591704
Blackburn System X8$25917010
BR Lights C2-K$399100065
Cygolite Rover II$16025517
Dinotte 400L$26940025
Dinotte 800L$43980055
Exposure Maxx D$39996048
HID Technologies Lumen8r (triple)~$30572045
Light and Motion Seca 700 Race$54970052
Light On! 900$47590057
Lupine Wilma 5$59092056
Princeton Tec Switchback 2$299na10
Princeton Tec Switchback 3$389na19
Trail Tech MR16 30W$3981850121

2008 Lights

PriceClaimed LumensAmbient
Light and Motion Vega$175755
Princeton Tec Switchback 2$299NA10
Cateye Tripleshot$33013011
Light and Motion Stella 180L$30018012
Niterider Minewt.X2$19015012
NiteFLUX Photon 4 Commuter$13727012
NiteFLUX Photon 4 Enduro$20427012
Exposure Joystick Maxx$25024014
Levin Brightstar$27050015
Ayup helmet$19028016
Dinotte 200L$24920016
Knog 605$39930016
Ayup bar (regular kit)$19028017
Princeton Tec Switchback 3$389NA19
Exposure Race Maxx$35048024
BR Lights C2.1H$33041028
BR Lights Jeni H$29941028
Exposure Enduro Maxx$45072030
Jet Lites Shadow 2600 HID$50067530
Dinotte 200L Dual$34940032
Dinotte 600-LI-4C$39960033
Light On Expedition 1000$80050041
Niterider Trinewt$50050033
Jet Lites Phantom Halogen$29567544
NiteFLUX Photon Max$37580050
Lupine Betty 12$1,185140065
Trail Tech MR16 30W$3981850121

2008 Data:

Chart 1: Here is a graph of our measured Ambient Lux compared the lumens claims of the manufacturer. The readings are normalized using the Niterider Trinewt as the baseline since they measure their lumens output. (click to enlarge)


Chart2: Measured Lux per gram, Measured Lux per $


Chart 3: Run time vs. Weight


One of our concerns was that wider beam patterns would be inflated in our readings since they have more reflective surface (our ceiling) to bounce off from. But we found this to not be the case. Using two Dinotte 200Ls , we measured while they were pointed at the same spot, then measured with the them pointed apart for a wider beam pattern. Both cases measured in at 32 lux.

Another good indicator is the Lux measurements of two lights together was equal to the sum of each light measured separately. Example:

Dinotte 200L - 16 lux each

Dual Dinotte 200L - 32 Lux

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