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Bike hire - NZ Queenstown

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Hey Guys,

I'm heading to NZ at the end of this month, and I'm planning to hit up some singletrack in Queenstown; period of stay will be 3 days.

I'll be traveling around NZ, hence the awkwardness of lugging around my own bike. Can anyone recommend a good LBS in Queenstown for a hire bike? Similar to XT/SLX spec 5" travel would be ideal. Oh, and any local riders available to show the trails?

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Vertigo Bikes - Im heading to NZ on Friday to go riding in, Rotovegas, Christchurch and Queenstown. Most of the better bike shops ive found are in the Sth Island regarding hiring bikes. Vertigo Hire out Trance X3 and there is another shop that hire Trek Fuel ex8 but i think they are in Christchurch.
Yeah Vertigo bikes do Giant Trances or Reigns (and Glories if you're into DHing)

There's also a bike shop in the Remarkables shopping centre near the airport that hires out Specialized bikes. I think they had Stumpys and Demos when I was there in Nov last year.

Definitely pick up one of the Queenstown trail maps from either of the two shops mentioned above. I think it's NZD$4 and shows all of the trails in the area.

I flew over with my DH bike in November but hired a Reign from Vertigo for a half day and hit up 7 mile. It's great fun, and there's a huge network of trails through there. You could also ride up to do the trails around the gondola (most of them doable on a six inch Reign imho) and take a look at the dream track jumps.

You could also do one of the guided tours with Vertigo. The helibiking is about AUD$280 but is well worth it for the scenery and the ride down. I think you need a minimum of four people though, so you might have to ask if you can join another group or something. They also have an option where they provide you with maps and a bike, and drop you off and pick you up at some of the local riding spots.
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Thanks for the help guys; looking forward to it.

Any similar stores at Rotovegas to hit up for a bike? I'm only there for 36hrs, so I might have a shot.
Avanti Plus in Rotorua had Specialized Enduros for rent - a 2010 in medium and 2009 large. Was NZ $120 for the day I think. They are on the edge of town on the way out to Whaka forest where all the trails are. I rode the 2010 Enduro and it was pretty sweet. I think Bike Vegas (on the main drag) also does rentals.

Whaka was the best singletrack riding I've ever done..
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