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Bike Help!: C-dale Rush 600 vs. RM Element 10 vs. Spec FSR Xc Pro

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Alright need some input! Offloaded my Superlight in an effort to graze greener pastures or just I wanted to move on. Pretty much looking for a 4" XC bike.

I am limited to the line of bikes: Rocky Mountain, Specialized and Cannondale. Not to mention Gary Fisher, but I am staying away from that :).

My choices are:
Rush 600, not digging dual controls on the 800 for the price and hydros. Liking the Lefty though!

Specialized FSR Xc Pro, never owned a Spec, but always heard good stuff about warranty but interested in the Suspension design, much better than the single pivot Rush?

Wild card is the RM Element 10.

Any thoughts, hit me!
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If you go with the specialized bump up to the Stumpjumper FSR series. It's a better frame and better to upgrade parts on.
got a rush, thanks though!
Couldn't wait huh!!!! lol Congrats man, I've heard the rush is a nice ride.
Patience is not a virtue of mine, it is sick though i am riding it tomorrow.

I haven't ridden the Rush ---- but have been on a lefty for years, and you can't beat it! On a side note Dennis Leary is hillarious---saw the ref the other day again!
does anyone know the list price on the rocky mountain element?
i believe about US$1700. damned beautiful bike, very versatile.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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