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Has another Username on this forum but forgot my password.

I got an offer for a frame that i would like to ask you, I think its too big for me but never hurt to ask for those who know bikes better than me.

Mountain Cycle Rumble, 2005 is the frame that I would have gotten.

Im currently 5'11 and the Frame size that I was offered was Large. I would like to see if this would be okay based that i am goign to build this one for riding around campus.

The guy that I would be buying from is 6'5 and he said its very small for i thought maybe this wouldnt be an issue since I see the ST Height is 19.


There's no app for this.
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It depends...

the measurement that's most important is the effective TT: the large is 24" and that's perfect for me @ 5'10".

BUT! I have short legs and long torso, so I need a bigger cockpit.

Find a bike you fit well now, find the TT measurement, and then buy the bike if you wish. Remember, a bike at bargain prices is no bargain if it doesn't fit.

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