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Bike found, Hoping for advice...' 05 Stumpjumper FSR expert

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This bike looks pretty good, and after reading some of the reviews, it looks like a pretty solid bike. I'm wondering if this price is just a tad bit over value. I was thinking that if I could get this for around $700 that it would be a steal, but I'm a newb and would like some opinions.

Being that most of my riding will be done on trails with little to no expert/bumpy/hilly terrain (Louisiana), would I be better off just getting a newer and probably cheaper hardtail? I'm just trying to get back in to biking and this bike caught my attention. I want to stay under 900, and I want the best bang for the buck. At this time I feel that a used bike is the way I want to go.

Any advice is greaty appreciated!:thumbsup:
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$850 is a bit high. $700 sounds like a very reasonable offer.
I think $750 is fair for that bike. I use to one own of those and I LOVED IT! In fact I'm sad that I ever sold it.

Offer the guy $725 CASH and see if he bites. Make sure you get a BILL OF SALE!!!
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