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Bike for Oman

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Hello - am new to the forum.

To cut a long story short, I have been biking for about 18 months on a Focus Cypress hardtail which has served me very well.

I live in Oman where the terrain is mostly graded trails and some babyheads.
At this time, I have not done much climbing but did invest in SPDs which have helped a lot with bike control.

The terrain can be a little sandy in some areas, but as I said, mostly graded roads.

The time has come for me to change my bike for something a level or two up from the Cypress.
I am lucky enough with work to be able to travel to Europe a lot and to bring a bike back.
I would really appreciate your suggestions on what I should be thinking about buying.

Thank you

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So you ride mostly on smooth dirt roads, isn't it?

Maybe you're looking for a XC bike instead of an AM bike, as it sounds that you are not going to do steep descents and rock gardens. IMO it's unnecesary to use fat chunky tires and long suspension for XC.

Consider an XC-dual supension if you're looking for more comfort but note that this has a weight pealty.

How much are you planning to spend?

Thank you for your reply.
Yes, I had mistakenly been told that an All Mountain bike was what I was looking for, however, between yourself and some other riders, it does appear that a XC bike would be far better for Oman - however I would like to start going into river-beds and over more techincal terrain....a typical rocky descent here is only about 100 feet down but think "loose shale" - Oman has loads of that.
I'm keen to start moving off trails and into the mountains a bit more though.

Have a look at some of these photos for the type of riding I do here:

I know that the dual-sus could give a softer ride, albeit with a weight penalty.
I'm heading off on vacation in a couple of weeks so will be round France and Germany where I will probably buy a bike.

Can you believe that there is ONE BIKE SHOP in Oman!
He's a Focus dealer but his prices are grossly inflated due to customs and transport costs so I will not be buying another bike from him.

There are a few dealers in Dubai - but having priced Cannondale and Specialized models a few weeks ago, they are still way over-priced.

I am lucky enough to have a good budget, however as a recreational rider I can't really justify spending massive amounts on a second bike.
At a stretch, I could be forced to part with about $3,000.

I will be converting my existing hard-tail to a more "tarmac" friendly - slicker tires and SPDs - then taking NoahColorado's advice and trying Straitline Flats and 5.10s on the new bike.

Thanks again for your input.
Maybe a mod could move this to a more appropriate section for me, please? - now that I know that XC is preferred over AM. Thank you

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Well, if you want to try some technical terrain I would recommend you something between XC and AM (some cal it "marathon", other "agressive XC",..), and I'd personally prefer hardtails.

Try to avoid racing geometries and ultra light components, I assume that you're a recreational rider and you prefer comfort over performance, ins't it?

Your budget is quite big, so you have a wide variety of options, these are just some. (HT) (FS)
Thanks again for your advice.
It is much appreciated.

Also look at a Santa Cruz superlight - one of their complete models/builds. The RXC complete bike you can add the RP23 rear shock which will allow you to open up the rear suspension and close it when your climbing. Plus if you order it you could add a beefier front suspension, although I have ridden mine down ravines which are probably similar to what you might want to do and the Fox100 I have on the front is fine.

- click on specifications, then bike builder, then kit options. Price range ~ 2,400
Will have a look at it.
Just wish we had more bikers here in Oman.

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