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I have posted this on a few local messageboards. This is a Want Ad but i didn't want to wate other people's time posting it in the classifieds considering I am looking at local sellers in the NYC, LI, north NJ etc. area only as I am pressed for time and need it ASAP.

I am looking for a cargo case for my mountain bike and 2 wheelsets that can survive being shipped. Used but complete and available locally is preferred (I don't want to have to mail the case to me and then in turn mail the bike in the case.) Extra wheelbags are a plus. I am still on the fence about soft or hard shell cases. I can stuff 4 wheels into a soft bag but am more confident with a hard case. Looking to spend between $75 - $150, for a good used single or double case. Please check eBay, mtbr or other seller's forums for the value of your case instead of basing it on what you paid for it. Keep in mind that with an in-person sale, we both save on shipping, listing, and transaction fees.

BTW - Please do not recommend using a cardboard bike box. I did that before and received a cracked down tube on a $2000 frame. Airline initially compensated me less than $200 (they based compensation on weight not value.) I had to file a court case to get the rest. I am not doing that again...

in case you are a non-MTBR member and want to contact me about this my e-mail address is: aqualang0 (that's the #0 not letter O) "at-around symbol" hotmail "period" com

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