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Bike Assembly Question

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I found a bike someone threw away and I am trying to restore it but don't know much about bikes. I'm not sure how to put the handlbars together into the frame and front fork. I tried to google for assembly instructions but the parts used are more modern I think than what is in this bike.

Can someone tell me how this part works or the name of it so I can google it? It looks like this and seems to fit onto the bottom of the handlebars.

Thanks if someone can help me.
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The part in the drawing, if threaded, is the lower wedge for the stem. The bottom of the stem is cut at a matching diagonal, a long bolt is dropped down through a hole at the opposite end of the diagonal cut and threads onto the wedge. As you tighten the bolt the wedge works against the bottom of the stem and clamps the stem into the steerer tube of the front fork.
Looks like a wedge from a threaded headset/stem combo which isn't current on mountain bikes or road bikes any more but was around for a very long time...maybe something on this page is what you're looking for
check out they have all sorts of service tips
Try "quill stem". You should find them on ebay.
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