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hello all

l am in the market for a new bike. Where l am l have access to Merida and Giant although there is a Trek store and B Twin shop in the larger cities.

For me l am primarily interested in the Giant or the Merida, the Treks are more expensive but probably better quality or so l think

Anyway went to the local bikes street but only into the Merida, Giant and Trek were where l wanted to do some windowshopping but the Trek place was closed for lunch.

Anyway l was then torn between two models in the Merida shop. The trouble with the bikes is that they have local names, making finding reviews hard to come by. l believe they may have more familiar names. So if anyone out there knows the equivalents, please assist.

lf any of you have first hand experience even better. Personally l had a Giant XTC 750 which l sold when l relocated, having seen the products at the two shops l am leaning towards Merida. l have no problems with Giant's merchandise it served me well, l just think and hope a move to Merida would be better.

So what do other people think? ls it a like for like situation or would l be losing out? l have looked at the kit both carry which is basically the following:

The preferred option

SR SUNTOUR XCR RL 100MM£¨Remote Locking
Brake Front/Rear SHIMANO M505
Gear and crank SHIMANO DEORE M612
Transmission control lever SHIMANO DEORE M610
Transmission£¨Front/Rear SHIMANO DEORE M610/SLX M663
Flywheel SHIMANO HG50 11-36T
Wheel:JY JD2000-V2 Integral wheel
Tire MAXXIS M319P 27.5*1.95¡±

The other and more cost effective offering is as follows:

Challenger 600 (27S)

Front fork SRAM ROCKSHOK XC28 Remote Locking
Brake Front/Rear SHIMANO M395 Hydraulic brakes
Gear and crank SHIMANO ALIVIO M430 44/32/22T
Transmission control lever SHIMANO ALIVIO M430
Transmission£¨Front/Rear SHIMANO ALIVIO M430/M430
Flywheel SHIMANO HG20 11-34T
Wheel Shimano MT15£¨Integral wheel
Tire CST M317P 26*1.95¡°

l am not a competitive rider l foresee using this primarily for weekend touring and leisure related activities as l live within walking distance of work. Where l am l am not aware of opportunities for going trail, XC riding so l do not think it is a deal breaker however l want a multi purpose Swiss army sort of bike because l believe l may relocate to a more rural setting in the near future and l would hope to take the bicycle with me.

l am willing to spend something between 500 - 1000 Dollars. l hope someone out there can give me some advice.

l di not have a lot to say about the Giant shop, it was a bit untidy and due to language issues l was not able to communicate as well as in the Merida shop which had staff who were able o speak to me easily.

Looking forward to hearing from you....

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I think bikes at this levee are all pretty good values though I would prefer Deore over Alivio.

On more expensive bikes I tend to focus on the frame as a bigger investment is made by harder riders and refurbishing down the road on a so-so frame makes no sense.

In your case you may never wear this bike out so the better component package makes sense.

Go with the shop that can work with you best when it do comes time for support.

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Thanks Mike!

l just saw the post.

l think l will try to do as you suggested, the only problem l am having is that people seem to think Giant is actually the better option. Thank you for taking the time to air your views and for all the help you provided much appreciated!

Having had a look at their local shop l would beg to differ as the showroom was a bit dusty and l am not too confident of their mechanics prowess. The Merida guys seemed to have their house in order it was cleaner and well organised and the mechanic seemed competent enough.

My history with shops is rather good, l had an excellent one with a company owned flagship store- l think they are called lifestyle, these have exceptional levels of kit and if money is no object one can get a truly custom fitted bike.

Trouble is l am no longer in that city and the local version looks more like a franchisee than a company owned shop so things may very well be different.

Anyway the decision and actual purchase will most likely be settled in the next two or so weeks. l am not yet fully sure which way l will go. Anyway l will let you know which one l eventually settle on.
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