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hey i live in santa clarita, its about 2 hours from big bear, and during the summer i wanted to go here and mountain bike. i never been there before. Is it good dhing and good for jumps and drops???

post pics if possible please

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Stinkyboy58 said:
yeah i know i thinking of summer
Your missing the point. Big Bear has been closed indefinitely to DH riding since the beginning of 2005.

Big Bear Mountain Resort said:
Snow Summit will no longer transport downhill specific mountain bikes on the Sky Chair during the summer months for either recreational or competitive purposes. The resort will continue to haul conventional (cross-country) mountain bikes for general public on the Sky Chair, with access to off-site Forest Service trails and roads. The resort has taken this action because of the liability exposure and forest damage from downhill bikes. Furthermore, there will be no more biking of any kind on the ski runs.

Any one of the following four factors will disqualify a bike from being transported on the chair:

1. Bikes must be less than 35 pounds.
2. Designated tire size must be less than 2.5.
3. Front shock must have less than 6 inches of travel.
4. Bikes must have three chain rings unless they are single speed.
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