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I am in the market now for a new hardtail and I really like these two from fisher. I have read the prouct reviews for both and they seem very promising. I was just wondering if anyone had any input concerning how they stack up against eachother. .

A few of my thoughts:
I like the discs and if I go with B I would probably upgrade.
I really like how B is decked out with XT components
Is the cost difference really worth it?
Any glaring differences I should be aware of?
The frame geometries are identical...

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The frames are exactly the same - materials and geometry. With the Zig, you get a slightly better fork and parts (XT crank, etc.). Go with the Big Sur if you want discs. You will save yourself the cost of having to buy new wheels for the Zig if you decide to upgrade to discs. As for the better parts on the Zig, parts wear out and will eventually be replaced. And what fun would it be if you had nothing to lust after for your bike in the next few years?
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