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Big Ride Sunday 6/28 - Agawam

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8:30 from my house.
Should be 4 to 5 hours.
Aiming to keep the pace reasonable for all adventurous riders.
If we start running long, we can chose a new turn-around point at any time.

Similar to a couple weeks ago, but heading South, instead of West.
Different from the last one... No sand or river crossings! :thumbsup:

Start through Robinson State Park. Fast Rolling twisty single track.
Then head south on the ridges (Provin and the next couple sections). Boney and nasty in places and not so bad in others. Plenty of up and down.
Then hit the next section by Newgate Prison and Bradley Airport, to CT Rte 20. This last section is particularly hilly and rough, and includes a few short pushes off the bike. But ends with a long fun downhill to the road.
We will hit the road (back-roads) for the return, and duck into the park to finish on some more (but different) fast twisty fun trails...that will lead to my back yard. If folks are feeling it, we can retrace a couple of the easier sections of the ridge too.

Speak up early, if you are planning on it. An earlier start time is always my preference, but if folks are traveling, 8:30 will stand.

From the last one: The folks that were in two days before the last ride wanted an earlier start, so we all agreed. And then we had three last minute folks that wanted to get in, but they were traveling and didn't like the earlier start time... Let me know early and will we definitely keep the 8:30 time. Steve stevenrossi -at- rocketmail -dot- com
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