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Saturday rode over Freel Pass, it's good to go, only about 40 yards of snow to walk over just below the Pass. Did a big loop from the house up to Big Meadows, then took the TRT over to Heavenly. Then explored routes down on dirt to the bottom of Kingsbury on the Heavenly side of Kingsbury, yes it is possible to ride dirt to the bottom.

The outlet to Star lake is a bit of a pain with the high lake level, it will be a challange to keep your feet dry right now.

Decided to go ahead and stash the bike and tag the summit of Freel, since last year there is a very good trail up to the summit. Stiff carbon soled and lugged mountain bike racing shoes are not exactly the weapon of choice for Peak bagging, but the trail is nice enough to were it's not that big a deal. So if you find yourself riding over the pass and have a bit of extra energy, the views are well worth it. For me from the pass it took 45 minutes up and 30 down.

Summit Log

Desolation Wilderness

Tallac/Fallen Leaf Lake/Tahoe

Back side of Heavenly/Mt Rose

Carson Valley

Jobs Sister, Star lake lies below this peak on the other side.

Hope Valley

Dang beggers, always looking for a handout
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