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Big man, little budget

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Hello and welcome to the next in the LONG list of advise topics. I'll keep this as short as I can.

height: 6'3"
weight: 230-240 lbs :eek:
styles: XC, All mountain, technical, DH but not big drops or crazy jumps, trails with the daughter (until she gets on the trails) :thumbsup:
current rig: Schwin HT
I do ride hard, even on easy trails.
would like to spend around $800
Have been looking at IBEX Alpine 650 HT, or Ignition-3

Things I'm looking for opinions:

HT or FS
your fav meal you've had in the last couple weeks :skep:

thanks in advance, Cheers!
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my standard 2 thoughts

1) zip over to the clydesdale forum as many there have been though this already : big guys with a budget and...

2) Kona Hoss. Made exclusively for big guys so things don't break.

Good luck, Jim
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I have had a Fuji Outland for the past 2 years, and it is an awesome bike.
I got it for $426. It is nice and lite, and easy to maneuver and throw around
FS would deffinatly be nice but be prepaired to order heaver springs for rear shock & fork unless you go all air. :)
Buy a beefy hardtail

JimC's recommendation of the Hoss is very sound. Another bike I've been recommending these days is the Specialized Hardrock Comp Disc. The frame looks pretty sturdy, the fork is a great option for larger riders, and the component selection is pretty good. Here's a link:

Best wishes in finding the right bike for you.

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