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Big Mama with FD-M667 front derailleur?

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I'm building up my Big Mama as a 2x9. I'm using XT cranks - 22x32 with no big ring. I got a Shimano FD-M667 front derailleur since it's designed to be matched up with a 2x9 setup (22x36 SLX crank).

It looks like if I place the front derailleur cage 1-3mm above the 32t chainring you would normally do, the bottom of the cage will get in the way of the Big Mama's lower chainstay when it goes through its travel. Since the M667 was originally designed for a 22x36, I figured I could place the cage higher as if I had a 36t middle ring. But even when I do that, the chainstay gets REAL close to the inside bottom edge of the cage. I tried cycling the suspension by letting out the air and pressing down, but it's hard to tell if the cage is making contact. I'm afraid if I'm riding and bottom out the rear suspension, the chainstay will make contact with the cage and gouge the chainstay or break the FD.

Is anybody else running the same front derailleur setup on their Big Mama? Any tips?
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