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2 weeks ago I was riding in Flagstaff and had a wicked wipeout on a downhill stretch. Somehow I flew over a 1 foot drop with my handlebar turned and I landed sideways on the front wheel. I went over the bars and the bike went over a 40 foot embankment - end over end - until it landed on a lower section of the switchbacks. Bummer accident on a really fun trail.

Anyway, after the accident the front wheel was TOAST. It was so taco'd that it wouldn't even roll through the front fork without rubbing the tire. Good thing I had disc brakes as I was able to nurse the bike back to camp.

The wheel that I trashed was a custom wheel I bought in December from Odds and Endos. When I got home from my trip to Flag I called Mike Garcia and told him what happened. He said I would need a new front wheel rebuilt. He asked that I take off the rim and spokes and send just the front hub back to him. He then said he would rebuild the wheel with a new rim (Velocity VXC) and all new spokes.

I got a call from Mike today. The wheel has been rebuilt and ready to ship back to me. The cost of the new wheel? $53, including shipping. WOW!! That is such a low (and fair) price. When I trashed a wheel on my old bike, my LBS charged me nearly $100 to rebuild it (rim + spokes + labor - reused my hub). That's nearly double what Mike charged me.

I'll definitely buy ALL of my wheels from Odds and Endos from now on!


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MIke is the best.

Great guy to talk to. Great value. Super wheel builds. Backs it all up with the best service.

I think his warranty includes covering accidents for the first year - except for parts if it was an accident, of course. So even if you ran over your wheel with your car, he'll rebuild it.

I've had my wheels for over two seasons and have not needed his services.
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