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Ok, so here is the question that i have. I live in PA, and in the winter we go up this indoor MTB place in Ohio called Rays. They have a ton of different stuff up there, drops, ladder bridges, raised wooden trails, jumps, skinnies, suspension bridges, teeter tooters, etc... you can check it out at

Anywho, i was wondering what bike you guys would suggest for up there. Last year i rode a P1 up there and loved it, but i just had my knees reconstructed, and the last time i rode the P1 it took a toll on them, so i want a full suspension bike to ride up there, i mostly do the jumps and drops, and spend a fair amount of time on the wooden raised trails which have some really cool obstacles. I also spend a decent amout of time at the local BMX track in South Park, so i want it to be dirt jump friendly too.

I currently own an 05 Enduro Expert with the fox dhx 5.0 shock on the rear and the fox 36 fork on the front, i am wondering if i should just use that up there, or my dealer has a sweet deal on an 06 Big Hit I ($950 out the door!). The only reason i am asking is because my P1 really got beat up there last year (from me making mistakes, and trying new stuff lol):D so i really want a bike that i can just take up and not worry about, it would make me sick to see my $2400 enduro look like a piece of crap after one season up there, what do you guys think?

Thanks in advance!
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