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Big Hit bearings

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Hi all, I am going to powdercoat my 2004 big hit frame and replace all of the cartridge bearings after the fresh paint. My question is what is the best way to remove the bearings from the frame? Should I just hammer them out with a punch or press them out with a special tool? The bearings will be replaced so damaging them while getting them out will be a non issue, however I would like to be able to keep them intact enough to have an accurate measurement for the replacement bearings. Anybody know where I can get a bearing kit for this frame?

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Well, specialized should sell a bearing kit for that bike. Their customer service can confirm or deny this, but you can also read the bearing sizes off of the dust seals. I'm not sure of how easy those bearing sizes may be to track down, but they should be available somewhere.

Enduro is one company that bike shops have access to that may have the bearings if you are unable to find (or afford) the Specialized kit.

Oh, and as for extracting the bearings, you can use a punch if you're careful and you don't wish to keep the bearings. Another option would be to use a socket and wack on that for a while.
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