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I decided to try the big loop at Granite Basin with Roy and Mark because when trail 62 gets wet, the dirt is horrible. I was counting on the sand at Granite....

Well, that didn't work out entirely well, after riding 308 out to 345, we encountered the same kind of mud. Hike-a-bike was required in several places. I couldn't imagine the rest of the ride being like this, but it was dissapointing.

Past the gate on 345 though things turned for the better. Despite threatening thunderstorms, we only got a bit of light drizzle. You could make out the snow on top of Mt Union, Mt Trittle, and Mt Maverick, and see snow streaming down around them.

Things went great though after the initial mud. We rode trail 308 to 345 as explained above, 345 to the lake, then took 349 to the southernmost point of it, and then took a "connector" trail that took us through the OHV area up to Little Granite Mountain/trail 37. I've tried to find this "connector" before, some of it isn't well traveled, and the trailhead starts in a wash so it's very hard to pick out, but we got it all right. Skirted the northern boundry of the OHV, combing up to trail 37. Then we took trail 40 back to granite basin lake. From there we just took 351 to 348 to 347 and back. We took 347 back to the cars instead of the 345/308 route. This was a gamble because I've ridden when 347 was unridable but 345/308 was was opposite day though. 347 had dried up, and while it was slow-going due to massive rolling resistance, it was not muddy and very welcome.

All in all this ride worked out very well, when you look at it on a map it makes a figure 8. We clocked over 28 miles, but that doesn't include some hiking on 345 initially, so probably closer to 29 when you figure all of that in. About 4 and a half hours of riding. There are plenty of options in this area to do MORE milege, so 29 miles is by no means a limit, but I've been wanting to link this loop for a while with the OHV area, and it worked out excellent. The idea was to somehow ride down trail 40 without having to climb up it, starting out at the williamson valley trailhead.

Roy and Mark might have some pictures for this thread later.
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