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Big Dummy Build...Fork, Rim Question and other Questions

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Hey everyone I'm wondering if any of you have advice on a few pionts of my Big Dummy Build. I've had the frame for a while now but haven't had the money to do anything with it until now. I have however been thinking about replacing the stock fork with a suspenion fork. I occasionally like to go fishing and will go on lite and medium trails to get there...Nothing crazy or anything like that just a rough trail with a few ups and downs and no drop offs. I will be spending most of the time on the road but the roads aren't much better around here than the trails so the extra bit of comfort would be great. It also needs to handle a Big Dummy that's completely maxed out on weight load and is hauling a heavy duty bike trailer that I'm building behind the Xtracycle kit. If you guys have any suggestions on a great fork that's going to suit my needs that would be great. I also wanted some opinions of a rim made by Velocity called Pyscho...It comes in 20 and 26 inch which is perfect because I want to use 20 inchers on the bike trailer so everything will match. It's 63 bucks for a 26 inch rim and for a 20 inch it's $55 I want to do 36 spokes per rim in a 3 cross lacing pattern using Sapim CX-Ray spokes, black brass nipples, 2.35" Big Apple Tires...I'm not sure what hub I want to use yet but I know I want disc brakes...I'm kinda thinking about Shimano XTR hubs...I also need to find out which tube would be the best to use as far as weight and puncture resistance. This bike is going to take me a while to build and I want to do it a piece at a time so if you have any suggestions please let me know. Oh one last thing...Have any of you ever thought of putting a gas motor kit on your Dummy?
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Hey William, I like your attitude.... from "I'm po" to "Blingtastic w/ matching rims & bladed spokes!"

For my rear wheel on my Xtracycle, I went with a rim recommendation from Neil at Cycle Monkey -- the Alex DX32. They're eyeletted, only $45 apiece, available in 36H in 20" and 26" sizes, and probably most importantly to me, comes with a mark of approval from a respected wheel builder. Only problem is they've got machined sidewalls, which might not fit your scheme.

I've built with the CX-Rays and they're OK -- overly priced, good looking (but they don't stand out like those overly fat spokes on some wheelsets, if that's the look you're going for), and not that much of a hassle to build with (they twist, but it's easily overcome). But for a loaded down bike, I'd look to DT Alpine III's, or Sapim Strong or Force -- they've got more meat at the elbows.

Instead of XTR, how about a front Shimano generator hub & an LED light? They're about the same price, and then you can have a bright light without the hassle of batteries.

Check this site for appropriate forks:
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I'm following a motor discussion over on the Xtracycle Roots Radical forum on Yahoo Groups.

I'm not really down with gas -- there are workable solutions for sure, but with that modification it stops being a bike and becomes a motorized vehicle, a moped even. That's going to restrict you from a lot of trails, and it will be very obvious it is a gasoline motor on there, even if it's not running. But that's by biased opinion.

There are a couple of electric conversions you may be familiar with. One is the Stoke Monkey from an outfit up in the PNW. It's a frame mounted motor that drives your crank. The other is the eZee hub, which is a front wheel traction unit. Any reason those don't appeal to you?
Hey thanks for the advice...I'll deffinately look into them when I'm more awake...Long day LOL. As far as the light goes I have a Topeak Moonshine HID which I love. My only problem with that is the battery pack doesn't have two ports for two lights :( I was mostly thinking of a gas engine because I want to be able to use the Big Dummy for grocerys, errands, shopping and sometimes hualing heavy loads especially when I finish with my trailer. I'm using 4130 CroMoly 1" by 2" rect. tubing with expanded metal plate. I'm building it 3 by 6 feet with folding sides that can fold up from a flat position to make rails or fold completely out to lay flat making the platform 6 by 6 feet...I've just got a couple design issues I need to work out before I go any further namely the best wheel mounting set up and best way to stabilize the folding side arms...I'm actually drawing up drafts trying to figure it out...I've got the majority of it figured out it's just the details that is pissing me off but as soon as it's done I want to have the whole set up profesionally painted. Well night everyone I'm going to go pass out.
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I think I'm going to stay with the Psycho rims...I also contacted Surley and asked them what kind of fork they would be proud to put on a Big Dummy and the answer came back with Rockshox's Reba...I read through and it looks like exactly what I need. At least I've made up my mind about a few choices for my Big Dummy
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