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We had a great time back on June 19 at the first ever 12 Hours of Weaverville, here in NorCal. Recently we returned to Weaverville to present a $650 donation to the Weaverville Basin Trail Committee. "We'll put that money to good use," said Committee Chairman, Scott Morris. "The trails could use some more signage and we've been out of trail maps for awhile."

Team Bigfoot and couple of hundred mountain bikers will return to Weaverville in October for the LaGrange Fall Classic, a three-day event that includes a hill climb on the 15th, a cross-country race on Saturday the 16th, and a downhill on Sunday the 17th. That too will be a benefit for the trails. Last year we had about 160 riders. So we're hoping for at least 200 this year, which at $5 per rider will mean a donation of another $1000 to the Weaverville Basin Trail System.

The Bigfoot Classic Mountain Bike Race has been a Humboldt County tradition since the 80's. When Team Bigfoot took over the race in 2001, we made it a benefit for the Humboldt County Search and Rescue Team.

This year's event was held July 17 & 18 on Simpson/Green Diamond property at Bald Mountain. The Search and Rescue Team members were on site at the races, ready to assist in the event of a rider injury. "Thankfully, the team ended up just enjoying two days of race spectating," said team commander Rich Nicholson. "Not one injury to deal with. We like that," he added.

The $455 raised for the team this year increases the total amount donated to the team by Team Bigfoot to $2,080.We love being able to help the SAR Team. Many people don't realize that they're all volunteers, that they pay for their own equipment and training, and that what funding they do get from the state is very minimal.


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