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Big (but skinny) wheel pics

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Posted these and more on Passion yesterday, but thought I'd spread the joy since I was technically on big wheels. Just not big tires is all. :thumbsup:

Passion thread is here:
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Ha - those are my favorite types of rides. Ramble...ramble...hmm that looks interesting...ramble...ramble...I'm hungry, better head home...

So you been on the road bike a lot lately? How's the ORAMM training coming? Tell me your not doing it on the single this year...


(BTW - my trip to that wedding in S.C. was brutal. Think 23 out of 72 hours in a car with the in-laws. On the bright side, we did pass a really cool bike event climbing some brutal moutain near Table Rock on our way to the chapel at "Pretty Place". Have no idea what was going on, but I saw lots of suffering from my damned car window)
Lots of road riding, which isn't doing much for ORAMM prep. What I really need is some long climbs, but they're few and far between here. Sounds like I should've been up by Table Rock last week. Ah well, another missed opportunity. As for what I'll ride, I took the gears back off the Voodoo. The chain kept dropping and I got tired of messing with it. So i guess it'll have to be SS. :)

Big points from your spousal unit I bet for hanging with the in-laws btw. You should take advantage of that....
Nice Woog! I LOVE that kind of road ride. and the fact that you're doing it on 25c's makes it even better in my book. I've got some rough pavement in my 'hood, but no rocky roads like you've got there. Just gravel. Lots of gravel.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts